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Spring is in the air and a young mans fancy turns once again to microphones! We have decided after trying out a LOT of mics that ADK are the best mic manufacturers at any given price point and we are going to start knocking on your door to let you know about them

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The microphone is probably the most important element in the recording chain, shaping the initial sound of the instrument or voice you are recording. Microphones have been around in various shapes and sizes for over 100 years and there are literally thousands of different models to choose from. Originally an expensive piece of kit the growth of home recording in recent years has created a huge demand for affordable, high quality mics and its now possible to buy a really good quality condenser microphone for a fraction of what you had to pay 10 years ago. The question that we are asked time and time again is "What microphone should I use for recording a particular instrument or type of music" and the answer is that there simply isn’t one mic for a particular job. Ask a range of studio engineers which is their favourite microphone for say recording a piano and you will get 20 different answers. It's like weather...There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing and it's the same with mics. You can use any mic to record anything but some are more appropriate than others.


ADK microphones

ADK make some of the best sounding microphones that we have come across and we have tried a lot! They've got the balance right between great sounding mics with a fantastic build quality at the best prices and they fit perfectly with our philosophy of only promoting what we think are the best. We have decided to become a UK distributor for their entire range and as a special promotion head of ADK, Larry Villella has given us 20 of their all new suspension cradles for the S51 the A6 and the Thor/Odin mics to give away free with sales as long as the stocks last. Click here to get one now
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Microphones come in a range of different design types depending on the size and style of the capsule but basically they all do the same thing: they convert sound pressure levels into an electrical current. Some are very specialist but the majority of microphones are multi purpose and if you ask a kid to draw a mic they will probably come up with something like a Shure SM58, one of the most famous multi purpose microphones ever made. Every studio has at least one and you could probably make a decent recording of just about anything with a few SM58s. But of course there are hundreds of different microphones and some exploit their particular design features to be good at a particular job. Microphones come in a range of different basic designs: dynamic, condenser, ribbon, boundary, binaural, M-S and more. These then can come with a number of different pick-up patterns, from omni through cardioid to figure of 8 and with a whole range of different diaphragm sizes, deliberately altered frequency responses and sensitivity along with a range of stereo microphones. There are lots of very good sites on the net covering all the technical aspects of microphone design and we have a number listed on our Links page.
As a brief overview 90% of all microphones fall into the two main categories: generally, dynamic mics are for stage and live and condenser microphones for recording. However there is a big crossover and it comes back to the fact that you really can use any mic to record anything but some will be better at certain things than others. I honestly think that there are very few bad mics made today and even the sub £100 Chinese mics can make a great recording with a little effort and experience.